...cast a peepa on th' credits above 'n any head gonna know these are long lost jointz from da bronx when it was small parties at gaffs like disco fever 'n 371...we're talkin late 70's/early80 boogie rap from real hip local teenagers lookin to make their own personal mark in their part o' th' woods... no real thoughts about takin th' sound downtown let alone goin outernational...trk3 has great backin with avant racket collidin with da funk, 'n th' next joint has a great lost soundin sax screech weavin its way around...these tunes have well bragadohshus teenoh lyrics littered with flygirlz, cheebacheeba, suckah mc's 'n rockin til th' break o' dawn... yes yes y'all this is one full up coaster that bears a lot o' repeated spinz, this is soopah fly 'n bro, that aint no lie...settle in 'n take a trip to another time 'n place...


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