...layabouts familiar with th' way underground metal has spread through th' years from blue cheer to blue oyster cult to german oak to venom will know that these two bands represented on this exploito wax're th' cornerstones o' modern metal(though in no way should that be held against them)...comprised o' a coupla demos from both morbid'n mayhem th'common factor bein' vocal interpreter dead...morbids death metal rattle shows up with a cool scuzzy acidrock guitar squeal to give th' list'ner that extra jolt(trk one has great ballroom style mindfry string bendin' on top o' th' technical death flurries)...second trk kicks off with a 60s style mood before th' riffin' takes over...all o' morbids side is a 'real cool ride' vibe, thats really goin' for it (like early 70 hard rock/stooges punk metal just skimmed'n floated off th' wax into th'room'n buzzed cats into another reality somewhere between NOW 'n somewhere else brother, somewhere else)...mayhems side starts off in a thick slower soupy sludge 'n then cranks it up to give off a fast rockin' vibe but darker than th' morbid' slower parts also have psychedelic ballroom screach but here th' ballroom is someway underground in a physical sense as well as esoteric culture...theres a heavy bad drug feel to this that hadn't been really heard in rock'roll for many years, maybe since th' germs rocked th'L.A trends/hippys with their brand o'slopfall/crash burn aesthetic...deads in really a zone o' his own, uppin' th'freaked out level from th' earlier combo by a goodly distance...this disk is highly recommended to all who dig th'noise'n vibe o'edgar broughton/stackwaddy'n th' self beleif o' budgie/les rallizes all mixed in a scuzzy hazy otherworld o' obsessed/paranoid bad dreams made manifest by beatnix from th'frozen north (who thought venom were for real)...a very important historical document aswell as a great outpourin' o' wigged out spazz...


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