...any older layabouts who kinda lost interest in this combo after daydream nation'n thought th'nineties for th'youth was all about tryin' to re-invent that double disk might wanna check this boot out right quick...taped at a gig in germany '96 this silver disk has a slovenly basement groove meanderin' all through it bringin' on th'whole history o'psychedelic street level rock'rollin'...kickin' off with their (college) hit'teenage riot' givin' it some neil young whine over a pop crazy horse, (this is th'tune when first released in '88 got th'band plaudits from trendy mags(SPIN etc) as 'godfathers o' grunge''n other such geegaws o'wrongheaded lazy journalism)...trk three is where this biscuit is startin' to move into th'area that is th'sonix real home, th'plateau where th'continuin' story o' psychedelic rockin' is bein' written, this time by a NO-Wave tribal hawkwind meet television on a bad trip...'washin' machine' comes rollin' in next 'n this sure some build up o' dimensions equaled only by cats such as pere ubu/stooges/velvets/69/70 floyd with its intense trance o' squealy tones pummellin' ever onward...other trx give off short bursts o' trainwreck-corkscrew'd 'grunge' in varyin' degrees o' trippiness'n its like th'neil young 73/75 period when th'drugs were bein' consumed in hero like proportions'n th'music was showin' th'results o' such hot wirin'(time fades away/beach/tonights.../zuma)'n still th'acid-NO-Wave beat continues...th'twisted journey eventually ends up in a twenty minit krautrock/pink floyd landscape with clouds o' murky haze smear'd across it'n still th'NO-Wave pulse moves on through...for maximum use this joint should be played on stun with th'appropriate pharmaceuticals close at hand...


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