...this is an extra solid gone flipped out bagful from th'ra combo,everyone groovin in a spaceways funky jam,with stretched hard bop,weirdo lounge plinkin',rhythm box chuggin' away'n a general manglin' o' th'shards o' sound lettin' loose'n sprayin' th'audience with enlightnin' beams from way off'n way out saturn...a wigged voyage on th'ever reliable rocket#9,this was originally put out as a single LP in th'early 80s(when ra's star was in th'ascendent once again with media trendies) with just three trx,here we have th'complete gig(italy 78),over two hours o' explosive heavy jazzbo vibes from th'creation o' time to infinity,from planet to planet...hallucinogenic sounds from deep inside th'wayward soul o' benevolent space brothers who inhabit th'creative thoughts o'sun ra...tripped out big band splat oozin'n weavin,goin' with th'flow,total immersion in unknown possibilities,random connections enablin' new thoughts for new patterns...what it is,is,what it is,its ra communicatin with th'earth-cats,bringin' th'knowledge'n hope from his home planet to th'everlastin' multiverse,swingin' with th'hep vibes for beatnik layabouts'n cafe hooligans'n cellar-dwellers from out beyond th'kingdom...


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