...containin 90% o' th' first disk 'n a nice smatterin from th' others this 20trk comp is a goodly earful o' urgent pop/rock tuneage aided with some fx 'n horns punctuatin th' proceedins 'n th' horns add a club revue vibe to th' noise which was a nice move that not too many others picked up on back then...sounds way betta than could be xpected after over two'n one half decades, 'n this might surprise a few cats who dismissed this combo originally as arrogant chancers 'n heads not rememberin them could well dig this uptempo trawl through a largely forgotten catalog o' with all streetlevel combos they weren't afraid to pilfer riffs 'n ideas so its 'n xtra bonus here checkin where bits'n'pieces came from...


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