Monday'concept here was for chess records, who had been 'supplyin' th' beats'n'words to countless rock'n pop hits for a good decade, to get into th'up'n comin' psychedelic pop market'n score themselves some hippy bread that just had to be out there somewhere...comin' up with some slightly updated girl group arrangements to hopefully fit in with th'latest popgimmix'n feedin' some ideas into druggytape manipulation, charles stepney come up with a top LP o' acid pop cover versions o' recent hits'n some squiggly noise here 'n there...assemblin' a pyschrock group'n boostin their chops with some jazzbo session cats this is nice artpop floatin' experience for heads who dig th'spacedout '60s stereo grooove...sold a lotta copies in their home town o' chicago'n surroundin' areas but failed to catch on with either hippys or squares further afield, so a cult hepness grew up some 3decades later with certain trend hoppin' record playin' careerists, but that shouldn't put cats off who may not have heard this any time recent...also cats who dig th'way it all joins up in th'rock'n'roll tapestry dig th' picture o' th'combo all layin'round stoned like bein' in a amon duul commune vibe pose...


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