Thursday flag,one o' th'last truly important bands,not only important in a rocknroll way,but vital in a socio-politico sense,they took th'truth out to th'kids,turned on a generation that had been stifled by TV/government drugs/FMradio(frampton-nugent-eagles)...incredibly right on lyrics(police story/depession/no values) expressin' th'thoughts o' so many caught up in th'oppressive dominant culture that was/is destroyin' th'young with coercion lies to keep th'consumer society from failin'n bein' shown for what it really is,a company scam where th'dollar bill aint nothin' but a store coupon...intense urgent missives from th'underground,relentless rockroll poundin' its way into th'senses,breakin' th'chains that held free thought in suspended animation,wakin' th'kids from th'lifeless sleep that school'n pigs enforced to ensure obedience to th'republic...this wax was a stop-gap release when th'flag ran into business problems that held them up for a coupla years in th'early 80s(funny how when anyones gettin' th'truth out'n bein' listen'd to they run into trouble,from elvis goin' into th'army/chuck berry in th'big house'n so on down th'line),which was a compilation o' unreleased cool cuts from th'beginnin' years featurin'th'vocalists keith morris,chavo reyes'n
dez cadena before rollins fronted them into th'history'amazin' power that comes from th'flag in any era is a worthwhile indulgence'n right from th'start th'flag was a mighty unstoppable entity that took on a life o' immediate independence,a force that drew out th'best in whoever was in th'band,a mercurial electric charge that lit th'beacons o' hope in so many lonely'n desperate minds...


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