...head gorilla jesse hector been rockin' out since nineteen sixty so by th'time he put this combo together in th'early seventies he'd seen th'trend'n changes come'n go...fifties rock'n roll mixed with freakbeat mixed with hendrix power trio attack all combinin' to rock th'backrooms'n beerhalls anywhere that would let them play...glam rock collidin' with th'small faces r&b to give out some stompin' thud pop to keep all cats movin'n groovin'...this is a cool compilation o'gorillaness from th' mid seventies'n extra special notice should be paid to th'last 7trx as they represent th'gorillas as they were at th'mont de marson punk festival in france 1976, th' first festival o' its kind,truly historical'n fabulous rockin' gear...another point o' interest for cats who dig th'vibe in all colours will want to check out that cover picture,'blue peter' tee-shirt design'n carpet slippers,first class tickets gotta have fun...


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