...intellectual heads make a hippie pop/rock wax 'n its totally successful which on paper is astonishin' in itself but once heard it all becomes clear that it wouldn't be anythin' else...these cats maybe workin' in th' more rarefied atmosphere o' th' avant garde but its not th'conscious conceivement o' studious boffs, theres a playfulness that marks it out as different from th'dry analytical works that were prevalent back in th' day(th'use o' th'word prevalent must be taken as relative to th' times as well as th'amount o' ears'n minds that're gonna make any attempt at followin' such practice)...there is no need for layabouts to reach for a slide rule'n graph paper, there is no arithmetic to be solved through tricky manipulation o' logarithm, this is avant-rock o' a decidedly givin' nature...these're tunes with a commercial bent, though o' course th'general citizens would ignore it, played with some electrical instruments o' th'then avant kind,(oscillators/ring modulator bein' just two to mention) 'n th' lyrics deal with society'n all that word may involve'n invoke that repay a few spins...only a few cats have tried this style o'poprock'n this is most likely th'best due to th'fact that it seemed normal to them at th' time, nothin' is forced to make anythin' fit or be consciously weird to attract hippie cred(market niche?) which these cats could care less about...


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