...just like th'dead usin' different parts o' live versions'n assemblin' into a new whole on th'anthem LP, whats goin' on here with this youth boot is different snippets o' sonic tuneage all cut'n pasted together to bring about a new reality, a new way o' list'nin' to th'youth, to hear th'familiar in th'unfamiliar'n vice versa...released on thurstons ecstatic peace label in '84 this is a total groove from beginnin' to end(even cats not too hep to the youth will did this avant scissor fest)...all th'usual clang'n bang'n twang, all th'usual scrapin'n squeelin' o' th'primo youth is lurchin' about over tribal drums'n pulsebeat thuds while th'invocation to higher sources through moanin'n wailin' are present appearin' not quite where they 'last' appeared, temporal adjustments come into play as th'disk moves ever onward givin' up its psychedelic krautrock to all that will enter into th'temple o' youth...


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