...real chippa compilation pile-up o' live 'n teevee info as to where they're from but thats o' no real concern when th' list'nin is primo doorsian swill'n swagger...doorsbores will no doubt be able to place th' performances but for th' more congenial layabout its a cool greatest hits package with some nice touches 'n surprises...cats who find this combo a bit longwinded when they get into a live situation will be glad this disk flows along real nice with no lengths o'snoozin time while jimbo gives out some philosophy 'n 'playin to th' crowd' surmonizin... th' sound quality whilst differin from source to source is o' a nice vintage 'n brings on th' times when th' TMOQ /rubber dubber boots were a my-T thang o' joy 'n spiritual' version o' th' end sees th' combo really sailin to outta spacewaze 'n gettin down with th' avant/trance groove (if'n tim buckley done some jam time with these cats it would been th' backin trk for tim to scat 'n wail til tomorrow)...xtremely well put together disk 'n easily wins over any bothersome nay-sayers who consider them overated opportunists, this is a trip to gonesville for hep cats 'n citizens...


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