...keyboard heavy power trio proggers who mixed blue-eyed soul shoutin', jazzy keys 'n some rock thud into a crowd pleasin' arty swill...not th'arty 'cleverclever' student nonsense that some dullards(yes/ELP/gentle giant)peddled but a more club orientated street level slop with artiness learned from diggin' jazz cats on a rush in sweat soaked sweet leaf basements o' ol'london towne...unfortunately they failed to sustain th' groove over a full elpee 'n when they didn't have a hook to hang onto they were a bit lumberin' which bought th' list'ner right down, but when they were on it they were firin' on all cylanders'n were deliverin' a real cool buzz...thats where this double disk compilation blowout coverin' th'hotcha years 70/74 comes in 'n serves their memory real nice'n does justice to their brand o'swirlin' doomy r&b/jazz prog...even here theres a coupla trx that coulda been left off but overall this is some funky stew that hits th'spot more than it misses...some cats were o' th'opinion that when chris farlow came in to do th' vocalizin his brand o' histionic throat shreddin' was beyond th'pale but list'nin in th' HERE&NOW that aint necessarily th'case, it seems to (nearly)fit right in as th' decade moves along'n th'funk guitar choppin' comes rippin' out th' speakers...(although always remembered for th'trio work o' early daze plenty o' different cats been through th'rooster lineup but head honcho vince crane keeps th'patented atomised groove on a true path)'last coupla trx on disk two may not be too much like th'original sound but it still has that undefinable rooster something goin' on...


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