...if'n one thing could be said about fred its he was a true laid back funky cat, kinda like a beatnik elder brother to tim buckley durin' th'latters bongo strummin' platters like 'happy sad/'lorca' with th'trancy vibe goin' on...this was freds first disk after leavin' elektra'n goin' to LA to record with nik venet who was workin' toward perfectin' th'folkrock sound for an older college crowd'n not just'whole sound that's bein' developed on this wax is a los angeles mellow yet intense groove, ironically just right for th'haight ashbury astro-flyers who would need this while inter-dimensional trippin'...raga style guitar pickin'n strummin' with sparse drums that hit th'spot with economical splendor'n phat jazzed bass thats holds th'groove in fine flow, like a river meanderin' with th'sole purpose to just move along without arrivin''last trk is a 8 minute totally out-there raga jam like sandy bull kickin' it with those frisco beatnix th'serpent power...(cats interested in th'tiny threads that make up th'rock'n roll tapestry may be in need o'such hep'n hotcha info that fred once played gigs with buzzy linharts raga blowers th'seventh sons in greenwich village folk dungeons where he got a taste o'stretched out reefer chooglin' where temporal restrictions were somehow suspended)...includes versions o'songs made famous by others such as judy henske/tim buckley(dolphins)/nilsson(everybodys talkin)amongst th'fine grist that is all over both sides, no trx need to be skipped with this biscuit...


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