...1969 was a very satisfactory year for these 'clever-trevor' proggers what with debutin' at th'stones hyde park bash in th'summer'n gettin' th'forward thinkin' heads approval with a great afternoon burst o' heavy prog, an interminglin' o' not yet codified bombast rock'n jazz noodle with schoolboy poet/lyrics that at th'time seemed like some heavy manners goin' down...who indeed were these 21century skitzos'n why were they hangin' out with th'crimson king, what was th'story here?...when th'gigs represented on this very nice soundin'(a coupla rough spots don't dampen th'overall enjoyment) double disk were recorded th'story was still to unfold as its 69 all th'way with a BBC session'n the rest comprisin' o' 3 dates in uncle sams autocracy in november/december...also bein' their first year o' existance under th'crimson name th'path they were on had no real sign posts, th'way was fluid enough to take in many tributaries that may or mayn't lead somewhere, th'outcome was full o' possibilities so travellin' th'path was more important than any logical arrival at certain imprecise moments their mergin' o' riff rock with avant jazzboism is a total immersion in both disciplines without a noticeable join in th'musical fabric,there is no perceivable seam just invisible stitchin''playin' is full-on attack with th'crimson crew in orbit rushin' into th'unknown, headlong into th'new decade where their form o' prog will be practiced no end by lesser talents oblivious to what made th'early crimbo so special where th'way ahead arrived each mornin' with no instructions, just a hazy vibration...


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