...quite th'reason why cleveland ohio was so stacked with underground swill-mongers like th'electric eels/pere ubu/rocket/dead boys/mirrors is open to many thesis wonderin''list reads like a whos-who o' top trash'n that aint even includin' these stoner street level cats...they started life in th'garage as th'mad staggers which isa cool name for 1974 thats for th' time they'd devolved to th'pagans they were a full ON rockroll attack squad layin' down blitzkrieg noise for all interested parties...harkin their racket back to th'mid six-oh garage punkers'n layin some scummy metal guitar squeel/bass throb/pummel all over'n blastin' like th'dead boys'n other anglo influenced '77 riff killers they piled up a goodly amount o' tapes both studio'n live'n thats whats presented here...kickin' off with th'first single'n movin' thru monumental hot joints that stand loud'n proud next to any combo who rocked th'daze('n nights)...ends with a live set from summer '79 with guests jimmy zero/cheetah chrome helpin' lay waste to th'assembled punk heads...


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