...well now, th' astute cat just cant but help know where this waxin from 72 ended up not too long after release - where else but th' good ol faithful bargin bin, supplier once o' th' greatest gifts knowed to broke heads everywhere...obviously made up from singles 'n studio workouts some o' these jamz are funky as week ol' chicken left on th' stoop in july, 'n th' others are just plain dancefloor rockin can be seen from th' date o' xcape this was not what th' sophistosoul punter wanted...way too grindin 'n funkee but a few years later would be rescued (as so many of these type jointz were) by teenage djs rockin th' parks 'n parties in da bronx...on th' ones 'n twos till th' break o' dawn y'all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deeply funky instrumentals. I'd come across a couple of their tracks before, including the title track of this one, and liked them a lot. So, I was glad to see you posting this obscure slice of funk. Thanks for another great post. You do come up with the interesting and way-out ones!

10:32 AM  

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