Saturday'beast is indeed back'n rockin in that patented blue cheer way that all layabouts o' a certain inclination know'n love'n have dug for many a year...unlike a lotta combos that keep on chuggin along/reform periodically these cheer cats know that th'job o'gettin 'outta focus' a serious bizniz'n should only be attempted by solid stoners onna mission...obviously after all this time, over 40years th' playin has gott'n more precise'n refined but th'urgent'n insistent cheer groove that was present on th'first 3 elpees is still in place(unlike those 80's wax that didn't really meet th' required standard demanded from anythang remotely connected to th' cheerian name)...bad trip geetar screech'n seismic thuds creep'n crawl over 'n hours worth o'da-blooz, gospel'n stoner swill which enhances a heavy bong hit to gonesville every time its spun...


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