...this is definitely a product o' th'times(69) with tea time sike mergin into early prog with some classical ideas, filched from th'nice no doubt,some club jazz keyboard workouts, horns decoratin th'edges all molded into one uncertain blend that at th'release date promptly fell upon no ears at all due to th' instant label goin bust...this was andy loog oldhams new label to document th' changin times in ol' london towne but it proved to much with various creditors knockin on his door so this 'n th'immediate imprint fell into disuse'n th'wax on to th' bargin bin'n future 'rarity' xcellent package o' goodness that will sound better after a few spins cos theres some mighty fine grooves nestlin here...


Blogger frumious bandersnatch said...

don't know why my previous "thank you" don't show here...
so "thank you" again, spaced saviour !
that's a very kind attention !
cheers !

2:18 PM  

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