...recorded over 12/13 april68, this sees th' reefered freakskreech slamrock 'o th' cats 'n jj's sockit2ya blues beltin meldin in one tight unit forsakin some o' th' looseness that took place on ballroom gigs, (this is relative ya unnerstand)
...still totally righton hep in th' amalgam o' styles they meshed into their sound but this is soon to be th' end o' this stonkin pumped unit as th' finaglin o' record co. 'n management bumped th' band in favor o' makin jj do all th' work hence coppin a bigger percentage for themselves this coaster preceeds its obvious that a whole other form o' xplodinpsyched freak soulrock coulda been hatched if they had been left to develope in an organic style
...turn it up 'n turn on...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First link dead. Could you possibly re-post this? Second part is great!

Thanks in advance.

2:25 PM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

this is on the list to be re-ripped but feel free to look for another download in the meantime...

3:56 PM  

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