...chantal covers all bases with this comp o' her contribution to 60's ye-ye 'n beyond...studio big beat pop to strains o' folk pop 'n one lullaby goes beat...gal group noise features with some sleazy R&B sax pushin' chantals cooin' voice along real nice (trk9 is gal pop plus pinball table)...general europop vibe covers th' whole thing 'n its all well groovy with th'tunes in chronological order so as '66 starts there some early freakbeat/psychness appearin' midway through...unfortunately not every tune is toppermost but there aint no outright stinkers so its all good to go-go with th'ye-ye...


Blogger J Thyme...kind said...

Fans of World Cinema will know her from Godard's "masculine/feminine".

8:10 AM  

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