...back in th'paisley underground hype o' th'early 80s when th'los angeles suburbias were gettin' a second wind o' LSD inflected pop noise one o'th'first on th'scene were th'salvation army who put out a fantastic LP full o'pogo punk acid pop(sorta buzzcocks all meltin'n trippin')...this is th'sound o' th'sunset strip brought up th'years,th'sound o' loves '7&7 is' single given an injection o'amphetamine'n stood in front o'a strobe light until th'neon melts away time,teenagers on a trip to tomorrow...a whirlwind rush o' mind bendin' backward guitars,flashin' cymbals,phasin',cheap NOWsound keyboards,th'whole thing just slips'n slides in th'glow o' lava lamp light shows capsizin' th'wigged-out patterns that crawl across th'wobbly walls...its a stomp in th'mind soup o' inter-dimensional travel,a flip out in th'marshmellow factory,th'fastlane to ZAPville,down th'psychedelic dragstrip to th'centre o' th'mynd...a lotta bands workin' in th'garagepunkpowerpop geekworld think they somehow can sound like this but really,no one ever comes close, this is otherworldy in its meldin' o' 60s acidpunk/70s amped up pogo blitz, th'join cannot be seen, so perfect is this creation o' drugpop it only can appear once'n then disappear leavin' something beautifully intangible yet solid, to last into th'eons o' shamanic groovin',to dwell where th'bohemians congregate...they had to change their name after a run in with th'other salvation army who didn't feel they could compete with these psyched out hollywood punksters, so they became th'three o'clock but somehow th'change o' identity defused th'explosive quality o' their sound,never again did they achive symmetry o'ideas'n enthusiasm'n after th'first 12inch EP it all went blandly downhill to nowhere'n beyond...


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