...cats who aint heard no uncut funk for a few decades may wanna do a double take on this wax...its from th' mid ninetees, not a time known for layin down any heavy, super heavy funk but this biskit snuck out 'n its th' real deal...funkee like some week ol' chicken left on th' back stoop in th'midday sun,this is ruff tuff'nhard to bluff...this is th'gen-you-wine street level stone to th' bone phatfingerlickinfunk that used to be made onna regular basis but when ideas changed th' bean counters arrived 'n so did th' synthesized weak kneed disco 'soul' that had th' funk frozen out to make way for th' air conditioned penthouse pap that passed th' true funk head in th' scramble on th' way to th' bank...its nineteen70 all over again when this platta is spinnin 'n that aint such a bad deal, infact its soopah bad brothuh, 'n thats a solid fact...


Anonymous nate said...

excellent funk --thank you!

8:40 PM  

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