...very cool archival release from lowell when he was a stoner on th'LA music scene hangin with zappa'n beefheart'n kickin around some top folk rock grooves with touches o' out there blooz expression via th'good captain...th'title trk o' this comp is a truly brilliant teenage take on th'beefheart/howlin wolf vocal gymnastic shreikin, not too many have tried to approximate th'beefheartian growl'n none back when it was fresh on th'club floor...this is mostly th'sound o' folk jangle meets sunshine pop all put thru a prism(LA combo kaleidoscope have th'sound th'factory were lookin for), this is th'sound o' th'sunset strip at midnight with a head full o' acid, just groovin in th'neon reflection...nice flourishes o' psychness via bells jinglin'n sitar twang add to th' feelin o' baskin in a long lost west coast bong haze...th'last four trx come from 68/9'n as such aint as flipped out with th'beginnins o' lowells little feat're pitter pattin ever nearer...trk thirteen is a embryonic 'teenage nervous breakdown'n trk fourteen is kinda like an electric dan hicks groove'n mighty fine it is...


Anonymous Mrs.Blast said...

Nice one Spaced. Now you're talkin'....

11:39 PM  
Anonymous Mrs.Blast said...

This really is a tasty little sucker, Spaced. A real treat.

Gather rosebuds while ye may indeed!

4:19 AM  

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