...ignorin th' temporal screwup o' th' cover pikky this euroboot has some hep bop from 1947 from one o' th' true originals o' th' genre...this is basically a straight'nin out o' th' mangulated genius o' modern music waxs that came out many moons back, with 16trx from those all packed in for spekky weirdbeards, modernists 'n general beatnix to 'njoy...sound is very good without it bein too crisp 'n clean to take away th' vibe 'n leave only th' fake polish without th' substance...
... 4xtratrx at th' end are from 41/44 with 19&20bein longish live jamz with charlie christian sittin in playin some mean geetar which for a change can actually be heard...


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