...well this biscuit marked th'end o' th' line for shenanigans in monkeedom for a few years until they picked up in th'retro market'n took off for look at th'cover just about says it all, they've not quite got their backs to each other, but good as, its only a matter o' degree,literally, still any cats out there who know that these two were th'heart 'n soul o' th' band are gonna dig this wax which at th' time o' release was obviously ignored by rock critics'n certainly hippys'n th'dwindlin' pool o' fans let it slide aswell while movin' on to other concerns as th' new decade slowly got underway...released in early 1970 it holds up well against th'pop competition,th' likes o' th' andys, tommys, bubblegums 'n other yankee turn o' decade hit paraders...some r'n'b rockers from mickey 'n some jovial croonin' from davy 'n a touch o' sunshinepop make this a fine listen... take away th' name 'n this would certainly be looked upon with totally different 'n more positive eyes...


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