...this time round these sun fried commune freeex cut th' jams down to recognisable song lengths, gone are th' side long trips o' earlier wax 'n these toons take on a mid period QMS vibe which was no doubt bought about from partakin o' th' hawaiian grass that was bein toked in some heavy amounts back then by all concerned...its a mangled blooz rock thats mostly in evidence with some beefheart vocalizin'n some tasty acidgeetarstrum croppin up....cats who remember these stoners wont be disappointed, 'n younger layabouts might dig th'basement realness that pervades this disk as indeed all their output... a hep blast o' ol' fashion stoner gurgle that fits like a glove late in th' day when a certain mellowness might be in order...


Anonymous kevinass said...

wow, thanks a lot! do you have that big stinkin box set of ya ho wa junk , and would it be too much heartache to upload it all to us?.....jes curious...
'tanks, ka

6:03 PM  

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