...comin outta texas these cats didn't sound like too many from their home state...theres 'n xpansiveness to th'sound o' th' recordin that gives this 'n otherworld feelin, a world o' carefulness 'n slow motion, a world where its all possible, a dream like state o' trancendental gloopy bubbles...first side has some string arrangements by th' cat who enhanced/ruined forever changes which will help xplain th'otherworld vibe...their tuffness o' club playin gives a punch to th' majestic sound, its very much upfront 'n demandin attention...sold well in euroland back in th' day, showin those continental hep heads could dig some cool grooves if'n th'trees wax bombed in th' homelands...local fans at th' time were not too pleased with th'wax statin that th' urgency o' th' live playin had been lost but for cats who never saw them its th' whole o' th'semi gothic sound that makes this so cool, inna way th' fact that not too many ever found out much about th' combo leavin it a mystery that enhances th'vibes that come from diggin th' groovy wax...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey spaced - thanx for postin this gem. you got reel good taced in the wax relm. happin to have any 'people' - they did a reelkool version of 'i love you', or howz about some 'sunshine company'?

8:11 AM  

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