...when punk club th'masque needed bread to keep goin' back in early 78, all LA punk combos got together for a show over th'weekend o' 24/25 february to help bring in th'necessary scratch($4.300 raised)...all th'rockin' cats were there,black randy/screamers/controllers/dils/zeros/deadbeats/alley cats/dickies/flesheaters/f-word/eyes/plugz plus th'four featured on this historical document, germs/bags/skulls/weirdos...cats who know th'score when it comes to late 70s punk swill will know whats on offer here,intense crazy poundin',guitars sprayin' out o' tune noise pellets,shoutin'n screechin'n moanin'(alice bag on this one)all speedin' down th'back alleyways o' rockrollin',outta control neo bohemian ruffians'n hooligans all racin' to th'new dawn,all hopin' to save their premier punk club from'tapes're bit messy but that as always just adds to th'list'nin' pleasure,takin' it all back to when th'ruff'n ready was th'only way,no planned out strategies with everything neatly in its place,this is a drunk driver on th'hi-way to nirvanic oblivian...


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