...after sayin' his good riddances to th' velvets john got euroavant with nico'n garage skrunchy with th'stooges, producin' two o' th' finest wax from that period, he decided to give pop-singer-song-writer grooves a whirl...recordin' th'trx a few days after writin' em he kept th'original ideas fresh 'n eclectic 'n not moldy 'n homogenized like a lotta that 'talented artiste' mob were becomin' back at th' tail end 'o th' swingin60s...a bit o' cod reggae'n some country give a coupla hints at some o' th'trends that would crop up in th' rock'npop mergin' o' th' seventies(that cover images kinda precient krautrock visual)...didn't set th' popworld on fire but list'nin' in th' next century see's this soundin' remarkably up2date...more than one young cat would love to get holda th' recordin' equipment 'n studio baffle to recreate whats happ'nin' here...


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