...soopah, soopah fine blowout o' germacious gunk...overflowin with top swill from th' most full-on, first generation punk combo out on th' left coast...back in th'day a germs gig was somethang to get along to...anythang could happ'n 'n onna good night it probably would...darby crash was th'perfect cat for frontin sucha lurchin freeform slopmeisters who took rockin to new heights o' construction'n th'godz a decade before, these layabouts knew it was a case o' gettin th'job done with singular vision, stream o' consciousness inna beatnik' toons on this anthology're well into th'zone o' free flight, just take off 'n go 'n see where it all lands...great swaggerin swaths o' beer soaked crud o' th'first order that goes down real well any time its needed'n brother its needed everyday'n that aint no jive clyde...


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