Sunday'cover o'this disk was shot in th'chelsea hotel in NYC'n they played some gigs at max kansas city, home o' th'dolls'n jayne county but that's as far as decadence goes with this combo who much prefer th'good honest AM pop radio approach to all things rockin'n groovy...mixin' in many many parts from th'tapestry o' six-oh pop/rock from surfin' instro twang to merseybeat, from phil spector to creedence bayou sauce spreadin' across th'landscape, white album fabs to hippy beach boys via dion d'mucci...cats workin' in th'same area, drinkin' in th'vibes from th'same wellspring would be th'raspberries in cleveland, memphis could claim big star as its poprocker sensation'n so not to be outdone boston had th'sidewinders...quite big(inna relative sense)on th'new england underground scene that just couldn't translate club success into radio hits so their chance to be players in th'early seventies pop-revival were limited to 'retro action' when andy paley became something o' a small noise in th'new wave era along with fellow bostonian johnny richman whose modern lovers operated a kinda velvets poprock at th'same time playin' th'same clubs'n backroom areas...cats who dig badfinger crossed with some kinda precient pub rock brinsley schwarz will groove with this lenny kaye produced disk despite th'band lookin' like some sorta country rock band in th'big city...


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