...pretty much a combo o' two halves with th' first 3 wax compiled in trx1/8 'n th' last 3 plattas whittled to trx9/16' first 3 're when this mob, named after a washin powder 'n then havin a strain o' home made acid named after them, were louder than god 'n inadvertently became responsible for crushin downa xplodinsplatta rock' last 3 disks 're really a diff'rent aggro 'n they were toyin with a more funky rootsy hippie sound with harps 'n sitars in da mix...whoever was responsible for choosin th'trx has done a fair job in givin any interested cats a goodly pocket sized snootful o' bashin ramalama counterin some dusty grooves later in th' coaster...cant really be faulted unless a box set is comin down th' pike, which it aint any time soon...


Anonymous Kikas said...

This collection is great, man...I already have it, in CD, and it's amazing...
Thanks anyway

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Don said...

Thanks for all your great music.

Track 14 The Preacher has a few bad spots. Skips bad at about 21 secs into the track. Any chance of another rip?

8:58 PM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

thnx for that info 'n th' problem has been fixed by tekkie morphiend 'n cats only wishin for th' offendin trk can get happy with th' new rip at

4:20 AM  

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