...back in th' late 60s these cats come up with mixin' two o' th' movers 'n groovers from that decade, they bein' bob d. 'n th' glimmer twins...they poured some cheapwhiskey 'n low rent beer over th' stew 'n took it to th' pubs 'n clubs o' merrie olde albion...that was th' places where they learnt th' craft o' kickin' up a shambolic storm o' frenzied rockin' 'n careless poetry...this is a cool peep at their first 4elpees (plus live), 3'r 4 trx from each 'n hangs together well given over 'n hours worth o' lobe loobin' pummel...not every cats fave is gonna be here, but only through time limitations...grabbin' th' whole bag is th' ideal thing but for heads who just need a smearin' now this fits th' bill 'n comes up real fab'n'groovy...


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