...cats diggin phil for maybe th’ first time could find they just wanna space out ‘n groove thru many extendin ‘n parallel states o’ hi-acity for some time ‘n possibly a few spins down th’ line all thangs become known but by no means clearer…as with many o’ th’60/70 freespirit/avant jazzbo crews jammin ‘n gettin joints out to th’ cats on th’ block, th’ whole history o’ th’ jazzboism creeps in ‘n out thru diff'rent cozmotic vibrations to reveal all facets o’ th’ hep…a top level ‘n fine xample o’ this xpeditious temporal placement is th’ kickoff trk that for 13minits isa dadaist take on th’ early n’awlins noise when th’ whole combo was playin different parts o’ th’ tune seemin’ly in th’wrong places but once th’ noggin became tweeked 'n was in th’ know cats o’ all kinds could ‘n would get lose ‘n dig th’ word…no 60/70’s jazzsnobz ‘n cuboid kritix could stand this free spirit world o’ seemin disharm'ny ‘n th’ general feelin amongst th’ unhep was just that, they were unhep ‘n always were but now th’ mantle was slippin ‘n th’ true face o’ th’ culture freeloaders was showin for all to see…attakkk th’ new music at all costs to preserve their ‘standin’ ‘n all its benefits was th’ order o’ th day ‘n maybe these free thinkers ‘n history aware noise/trouble makers might just start to play proper jazz or even better just go away…to some degree they may have succeeded because th’ whole movement only lasted maybe 15 years but it came when it was most needed ‘n most heeded…recorded in one nine ‘n seventee three/four in detroit which was in sharp decline ‘n this wax is reachin out to th’ poplace to give strength thru hep vibes from many centuries o’ ‘ndurance…wonderful ‘n wonderin ‘n wanderin…


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