...cats familiar with six oh stereo will know that th' limitations imposed by th' teknology gave rise to real creative 'n fun work...a lotta list'nin pleasure can be gained from th' stereo disk o' yesteryear that today is frowned upon...if r'n'r aint gonna be fun then whats th' point in havin it...this stereo version from merrie olde is great earfilla 'n compliments nicely mono version available in various locales at th' time...
...dig that great cover which really sums up th' country cottage vibe perfektly...very groovee...


Blogger Jack said...

Thank You again, Awesome stuff!!! You surprise me with your Posts. Really good music history.

Do you ever run across the double album entitled "WINWOOD"?
Some LIVE stuff on SDG, Traffic, Blind Faith or Steve Winwood? I know it is out there somewhere especially in Europe and England.
Thanks again

6:59 AM  

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