...good pile up o' rehearsal/demo/live swill by these frosty rockers from th'north...cos o' th'different sources a different sound'n vibe keeps settlin'n disappearin' leadin' th' listener on a wanderin'/wonderin' path through desolate back alleys 'n filthy basements o' low rent locales...incredible deep cavernous necro sound appears with th'then unpatented buzzin' treble guitar stun noise that swirls around like angry hornets from th'darkest reaches o' th'overseein' subconscious...thuddin' drum that just won't stop beatin' th'eternal rhythm for th'faithful who voyage th' at once joyous yet perilous highways o' put this into true perspective o' how morbid carry yet mutate'n push forward th'universal vibe o' rockiness, these cats could take this barrage o' slop'n gig th'grande ballroom,detroit68/ladbroke grove70'n they'd buzz'n wow th' onlookers as authentic avantnoise rockers....some o' these tracks show great promise o'dark pummelin' distorted psychedelia well away from trend consumers(underground or not) who usually wallow in th'psych/goth happy patterns o'cenury 21 cultural endeavours...


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