...oh yessirree popz this here platta o' goodness hitz th' spot from th' very get go brother 'n that aint no jive clyde
...swaggerin low down funkee grooves straight away
...huey comes on as a hotchapsychedelic mixture o' otis 'n th' godfatha frontin a testifyin underground horn rock soul combo
...punchy 'n loaded this wax gives a good idea o' what this windy city combo were like on th'club circuit, right in ya face before they even get th' first lik in th' air
...headz may wish to check th' 9minute trk3 as huey gives th' thumbsup to th' revolutionary now generation
...very cool 'n boss 'n chippadippa, whatz th' word, thunderbird...mighty mighty...


Anonymous neil said...

Thank you very much for Baby Huey !!!

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Spaced. Anything Curtis was involved in has to be worth checkin' out....

12:26 AM  

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