...on first peep this kinda looks like some sorta flagrail off'rin 'n a cat could 'n should be forgiven for gettin real hopeful o' some primetime flagblues, but as usual things get fuzzy pretty' cover offers a lot 'n right there is th' warnin after th' initial jubilation has been tempered with doshgrubbin reality...this wax is a temporal skitzo job comin from a few sources 'n some later in th'70's...its not all bad once its been rinsed a coupla times ... some funky playin is in evidence 'n on trk5 'n ike'n'tina riff is drivin along well nice 'n killin floor is here under 'nother title (strange move, go figure these bootcatz, where their head at?)...when all said 'n done 'n th' hackles have settled 'n th' dust shaken it's a somewhat ohkeedohkee addition to a shamefully small catalog...


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