...back in th' hazee fazee daze whilst most hippee layabouts were checkin out und'rground street ragz 'r zap comix these two back alley wizards had their psychodelik nose buried deep in practical d.i.y electronics 'n borrowed from th' library, books on th' mythic times o' th' ancient cats o'olde 'n hepped themselves to intergrate these two interests
...what they came up with was some forward lookin cycliktribal grooves worked out on surplus 'lektronik kwipment 'n a totally oversized drum kit that made for some trancee trips o' basement o' th' all time hotcha'dad'yoh debut biskits 'n probably their most pure work...would take pride o' place in any hepcatz collection, 'n thats th'truth jack, no bout a'dout it...


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