...dangerhouse records from th'late seventies california landscape must be seen as th'perfect all encompassin' rockin' label with such hepsters as pogo hopefuls th'alleycats/drugged out party zombie black randy/commie punx th'dils/art damaged louts th'deadbeats'n others all puttin out top class 7inch wax in a matter o' a few months'n then th'whole shebang was over, th'label shut up shop'n proceeded to take its rightful place in rockroll history...from heavy hitters th'weirdos to long-haulers X, from hippee hangover howard werth to haight street punx th'avengers plus th'bags/rhino39/randoms'n th'eyes, every tune has something to recommend it, even today, over 30 years later most o' this sounds as fresh as it ever did with only a couple not quite hittin' th'mark tho this is subjective with only green-haze science to back it up...dig th'frisco'n LA scenes when they were just kickin' off(77/8) before th'cubes who invade any scene had written too many rules'n spoiled th'groove with square 'do's'n donts'...step back with these two marvo comps that serve th'combos well though when all said'n done a box set with everythang ever laid down at th'dangerhouse laboratories should be available right NOW...


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