Monday many frisco area punkers th'cheer saw th'anglo sensation cream play th'fillmore'n decided it was time to stop emulatin' th'yardbirds/stones 'n get a dirty heavy groove on'n they didn't come no heavier in 67 than th'cheer whose first forays into th'studio produced this monolith o' overamped gutbucket a pressure cooker about to explode 'n head on out into th'voodoo swamp like a kildozer thrown into nirvanic oblivion this 6 trk elpee upped th'ante for yanquee combos who wanted to stay up to date yet not get too psychedelic(which too soon proved to be a passin' fancy o' th' flower power tymes)...with th'studio thick with reefer 'n th'cheap sudz flowin' they lay down this testament to th' dawn o'time, th'everpresent weavin' thud o' th'drum dispensin' th'word'n th'vibe with th' strings bendin'n screechin'n chokin th'list'ner into compliant submission...approved by th'local chapter o'th'hells angels, th'cheer could later walk th'heroin infested frisco hills with th'confidence'n superior knowledge that such kudos brought back in th'day...


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