...there can really be no doubt in any cats mind that this is one heavy beatnik trip into th'midnight world o' secret jam sessions in th'dimly lit basements far from th'square world,this is a missive from th'other place,that far away land where its all happ'nin' for those that understand th'message,that get th'vibe'n take'first number has a hallmark o'B-movie soundtrack stamped on it,an exploito drugged up beats/gangster flick,only this flick would have a very heavy avant garde feelin',film noir from some back alley studio where all th'cats're on a substantial methadrine trip,a monochrome bill burroughs grime filled landscape where reality is illusive in metaphor...theres a school o' thought this toon might be recorded around 1964'n its a different sound to th'title trax(2 versions)so this is quite a legitimate surmisin'...strange strings itselves're total mindblast,mid sixties free jazz/avant blowout,a cats gotta think zappas monster magnet/AMM/godz tribal jams/deads heavy air experiments in 68/uptown NYC modal jazzers,th'ra combo got it goin on,buildin a sound catherdral containin' many mansions,themselves in turn contain infinite rooms with th'walls meltin'n reshapin',temporal imbalance as life force...a massive wigged out spaceways ride thru to th'outta reaches o'wherever it is,god may well have been an lesser personage than john gilmore seems to remember this session bein taped at ESP-Disk laboratories around 66,more proof if any were still needed o' that labels HEPnacious all ends with ten minutes o'fun with th'tape,th'creakin door openin'n closin,allowin glimpses o' a strung out centuries old jam session,groovin in slow motion,bein sucked into th'world o' th'never endin'wax originally appeared in 67 gettin jazz snobs into a complete lather with their total non comprehension o' what was goin on around them,whilst no one else knew o' its existence(or cared)...


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