...as th' vietnam hassle began to subside in th' seventies'n th' grunts with th' meth habits came back, so government drug pushers put speed onto th' meanstreets'n this in turn gave rise to another rocknroll outburst...as th' cheap amphetamines made their way to layabouts 'n creative hooligans in small towns 'n large cities th'urge to make basic basement rockin' took hold in 74/5/6 without any heavy metal/stadium pretentions...combos such as th'testors sprang into bein'n cranked up th'noise all across amerikkka from garages/low rent bars/warehouses where messed up minds were havin' th' time o' their lives (without havin' to pay unkkkle sam his pound o' flesh)... a lot o' these mid70's punk/garage combos were old enough to remember th'garage rock from th'previous decade but had th'fear o' th' draft hangin' over them so their appreciation o' true rockin' had been clouded for many years with th' downer drugs blottin' th' energy from their spirit, but now cheap'n plentiful speed was explodin in fast bursts o' rockin' out...over th' course o' these 2disks cats with th'adventuous ear will hear th'blasts o' prime era who/creation mixin' it up with doses o' ramones/dolls noise all racin' round cheap studios/bars from 76/79...attach this to dead boys style shoutin'n screechin' furious riff pummel'n some perfect underground rockin' is kickin' its way from th'speakers out into th'world...this is th'sound o' cats relief from war that was echoed 'n heard in many low rent urban centres until th'younger generation o' hardcore punx speeded up th' riffs 'n shortened th'rockin' blasts a few years later...


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