...bein' a boltin' together o' genes first LP after leavin' th'byrds'n a few drop'in's from his tenure with that mighty fine combo...his first steps with a solo venture (with th'gosdin brothers gettin' full billin') was recorded durin' 66'n mirrors'n anticipates his former aviators wax from 5D up to sweetheart provin' gene had his finger on th'pulse o' th'sixties more than he's given credit for...everythin' from early psych guitar lines'n feels to country moves are present'n comes complete with a coupla fab4 lix'n some revolver style artpop showin' he weren't afraid o' th'british invasion but welcomed th'chance to join th'mersey take on rocknroll,with its advanced stylist quirks'n general forward thinkin' attitudes...a real boss sound from th'years when structure'n senses melted'n melded'n anything was possible,both real 'n imagined...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice one, never seen this one so soon after byrds, love his stuff, mellow,.. thanks, yelo

6:58 PM  

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