...cats who dig th' basement end o' th' xperimental electronix field will need to get 'n earful o' this lo-fi scuzz fest from sometime 'round late 80s with its cheepo drumboxes clatterin away in post industrial tribal wobbles 'n waves o' hizzin fuzzz cloudin up th' preceedins...scrapes 'n squeals bubble 'n erupt into bilious gas bombs o' white noise...whispers 'n shouts appear from time to time amist strange tappins 'n creaks 'n moans from other times...originally set free on a limited press independent tape, this is a fine meetin o' amon duul 'n stockhausen as they wander trippin thru lowlife cheap arcades full o' gloopious asteroid games with whitehouse followin close behind in th' bohemian/criminal district away from square workaday patriots...all conventions are questioned but never fully answered...not as disorientatin as some work in this field o' noise endeavour, th' unknown can be glimpsed occasionally as th' disk unfolds when th' right alignment o' symbols are positioned correctly...


Anonymous kevinass said...

there's a new book out bout father yod by "process" publishing (!) that's purdy amazing, and has a cd too...they're pretending to be harmless and lovey I mistaken or do I smell manson....

12:50 PM  
Anonymous kevinass said... you do the covert art for the second cover on each reckerd entry......they're dang nice

12:55 PM  

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