...very very cool exploito number from curt boettcher/mike deasy plus th' usual crew o' hepster studio loons...put out under an alter ego o' friar tuck for some reason lost in th'quick haze from probably th'day after this was conceived'n knocked off...kinda like a psyched-out davie allan when davie was on a roll(some o' his output really aint so hot today coz it was only meant to sucka some bread from th'unsuspectin roobs, not actually listen'd to),fairly psychy with fx'n tape manipulation,not an ol'surf instro wax put in a appropriate psychedelic patterned sleeve...this was aimed at suburban squares lookin' for that latest trend they been readin' about in TIME magazine'n th'supermarket tabloids, tryin' to find out what it is about this hippy music that th'kids seem to like so much...any squares pickin' this up was sure gonna get more than they bargained for coz this is gonna knock'em across th'room with all th'swirly grooves emanatin' from th'speakers...side one is four covers o'recentish hits that're done inna 'far-out'style, dig th'two channel stereo pannin', real six-oh fun...side two is six toons composed in th'studio'n given weirdo titles, with fx'n drugged wordless sunshine pop'whole shebang is one flipped out wig lifter if listen'd to in th'right acid lounge/nehru jacket frame o' mind...


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