...cats xpectin some wigged jammin are not gonna find it with this biskit cos they got some singer/songwriter vibes goin on...th' whole deal been smeared with some sorta mersh style gloop makin this sound like carol king or somethang o' that order...quite why this happen'd is a bit o' a mystery cos aint no squares back in th' jacuzzi seven ohs gonna put out any bread to these communal hippees(if'n they found th' wax at th' mall which would only happen when th' planet crashed into a warp'd parallel galaxy)...essential as part o' th' father yod xperience but as a list'nin groove they would make better sounds as they had in th' past...th' vacuous times o' nixonia had finally found them, a better source o' weed was need'd thats f'sure...


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