...totally cool reissue o' clear lights one'n only 12''player plus that for years elusive b/side(trk7)'n this is a very welcome addition to th'west coast acid scene as personified by th'early doors/love/lee michaels first wax/glass family...th'fact that they were on elektra recs. shows up quite regular with vocal inflexions straight from jimbo'n arthur'n some dynamics copped from respective combos...theres enuff folk left-over grooves to give this a base o' operations with some flowery poetics mixed into some theatical performances that were all happ'nin back then with th'new hippee sounds...they rocknroll better than th'doors,more in th'love camp if comparisons keep goin which they look to be...th'hype with these cats used to be built around th'double drum kits they employed but this is really nothin to get to xcited about nothin too spectacular happ'ns tho live this may well have been somethang for th'stoned onlookers to get into...a coupla asides that help hook these cats into th'psychedelik rock tapestry is th'fact that early 60s nightclub folk comedian robbie th'werewolf (whose self released elpee got a few collectors hot until it was actually heard) turns up as technician/guru'n they also appear in th'hollywood flic 'th'presidents analyst'...one o' th' best psych elpees from th'original tymes...


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