...its like this, francoise is so cool on this wax that she's straight from th' fridge 'n thats a stone cold fact that cant be disputed here there or anywheres...this whole disk has such a solid gonesville laidback beatnik vibe its' whole deal is th' real-deal but whats really up is she loves th' rockabilly groove here in a real hep continental eurostyle that has gen-u-wine boho authority that makes this one o' th' alltime topper-most-groovacious disks in th'tapestry that weaves th'spiritual rocknroll story...aint no cat or layabout only gonna list'n to this once in a while, this is serious repeat spin daily cos francoise casts a spell that makes th' whole universe 'n beyond come one with th' sound 'n there aint too many disks that really have th' ability to do that...its truly addictive 'n its a rare phenomenon that only comes down th' pike every few years 'n this has been workin' th' beatnik magic for 45yehyeh years 'n it aint stoppin any time soon...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you hide the download link to increase the chance we will read some of your drivel. Sad.

7:58 PM  

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