...doctors o' madness,ziggy bowie,first coupla roxy LPs,roderick falconer,can,neu all helped keep th'experimental avant rock scene goin to various degrees back in th'early seventies though at th'time it didn't quite seem as though they might be th'stand outs o' th' period(ziggy/roxy were in th'charts as glam stars)but lookin back from th'vantage point o' th'21st century they were pavin th'way for a punk explosion,at least th'more cerebral end to be bolted onto some pub R&B...all across th'HEP planet small combos/artists were workin in isolation tryin to unconsciously push th'rock sounds into th'future much like th'experimentalists from th'psych years(syd/velvets/USA/silver apples)were doin''n simply saucer were just one o' those future thinkers...hailin from th'wilds o' canada in th'mid 70s they nailed down a post velvets chug with some squeeky clatter'n clammer added in,lookin to th'stars from their basement workshop,mangled explosions o' sound with interestin sci-fi gone wrong lyrics all make for a great listen with this compilation o' live/demos takin up 70 minutes o' tomorrow blare'n bleat...


Blogger Palbo said...

mi caja es tu caja.

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Insanity splattered like my brain loose on hot concrete. Cheers for the eargasm'sss! heaps o' thanks! spaced saviour u r #1!

12:26 PM  

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